There’s lost loved ones, and it’s not anti police

28 31, surveyed registered voters by cell phone and landline and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.Democrats (86%) are more likely than Republicans (61%) to get the vaccine at some point. Men and women were evenly split but the youngest respondents (those under 24) and the oldest (those 75 and older) were the likeliest to get the vaccine either right away or after seeing how the initial immunizations went.More: Exclusive: The conventions over, Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by a narrower 50% 43% in USA TODAY/Suffolk PollHispanic voters (17%) and Black voters (15%) are less willing than white voters (31%) to take the vaccine as soon as it became available, according to the poll. The survey found that both groups also were likelier not to take the vaccine at all, compared to whites.Some experts say that voters of color will need to be reassured about the vaccine due to often being treated poorly by those in the medical field.Antonio Gonzalez, a Democrat from Portland, Oregon, is among those polled who would wait before getting the vaccine.More: Why volunteer for a vaccine clinical trial? Duty, love and a willingness to experiment, participants say”I think I would do a little bit of reading just to just to understand the process of this vaccine’s creation and how it aligns up to what could be considered best practices for general vaccine creation,” he said.Eileen Burnatt Hall, a Democrat from Palmdale, California, and Debra Hall, a Republican from Farmington, New Mexico, would immediately get the vaccine once it’s available.

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