“Then you start putting on loads of weight and

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wholesale jerseys Speaking with documentary maker James Sebastiano Jr in the Hay House ‘Chasing The Present’ video on YouTube which https://www.nfljerseyforcheap.com contains strong language he said his struggles reached a peak during his 2014 15 world tour when he would regularly binge on food and alcohol.”The buses would park underneath the arenas and I’d wholesale jerseys from china sleep on the bus all day, then wake up and then come out, do the show, drink, get back on the bus and I didn’t see sunlight for maybe four months.”It’s all fun and games at the start, it’s all rock and roll, and then like it starts getting sad. That was probably like the lowest that I’ve been and I kind of ballooned in weight.”I felt, ‘What was the point?’ In a dark way, like, ‘Why am I around? What is the point?'”He added he would rather have drunk two bottles of wine rather than one glass, and explained the effect of alcohol on his wellbeing.But not only did he experience alcohol issues, he also struggled with his weight which had a knock on effect with his confidence.”They used to call me two dinner Teddy because I used to order two meals and eat that,” he said. “Then you start putting on loads of weight and hating the way you look.”I think things like sugar, sweet stuff, junk food, cocaine, alcohol it feels good the more you do, but it’s the worst thing for you.”Since completing his world record breaking Divide Tour last year, Ed has stepped back from the stage and devoted much of his time to a newfound love of art wholesale jerseys.