This offseason, Gettleman traded defensive end Kony

The only other player to accomplish the feat was the Redskins’ Sav Rocca, who punted 84 times without a touchback in 2013. Neither Quigley nor Rocca made the Pro Bowl. (Rocca’s other numbers, including a league worst 16.8 yards per return on his punts, weren’t so hot, and he was released after the season.) Meanwhile, Way has never finished a season with fewer than four touchbacks, which is how many Dickson has this year..

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Norman’s stage has changed, but he still has a story to tell. Sunday evening, Norman will line up alongside the rest of the Carolina Panthers defense against the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC championship game, the pinnacle of a season that’s minted Norman as perhaps the best cornerback in the National Football League. Hilton.

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