Also sets the tone that the Raptors have carried all

Other safety options are blind spot collision avoidance assist, rear cross traffic alert, rear parking collision avoidance, and Highway Drive Assist. HDA is Level 2 autonomous driving; it fuses the talents of lane centering assist and adaptive cruise control. On our test drive on divided and undivided highways, it worked like a champ.

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Get up and try to figure out how to get them better and improve them individually and collectively and a lot of wins have followed and we got some tremendous leaders, tremendous competitors and some real toughness on this team. Also sets the tone that the Raptors have carried all season: Last year is done. They want another ring.

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The Japanese coast guard has so far rescued three crew members, although one of them was pulled out of the sea unconscious and was later declared dead.A shark latched onto a Florida man’s arm and decided to stay awhile, video showsA small shark hung onto a Florida beachgoer arm relentlessly over the weekend, and the victim acted like it was no big deal. In video widely seen on social media, an unidentified bearded man in blue trunks is seen standing with a gray nurse shark latched on to his upper arm as he cradles it like a baby. The GoFundMe page, that describes itself as the official and only valid fundraiser for the owner of e, Erica Kious, was set up by former Nevada State GOP chairman Amy Tarkanian on Wednesday and is looking to raise $300,000 (226,990).