Regardless, the previous days had been odd

“You don’t want to compound that stress by having a firearm there to help you make a bad decision… [It’s] going to put you in a very tough position; it’s going to get you in trouble.. Regardless, the previous days had been odd. A newspaper columnist floated that Miles, with two games remaining, could be coaching for his job. His offense was stale and unexciting, Cheap Jerseys free shipping his quirks had gotten old, and most of all he coached football in the time of Nick Saban the Alabama coach who, because this is the SEC and everything is connected, is the very man Miles replaced at LSU a decade earlier.

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That review by the competition committee is expected to take place after the Super Bowl, according to NFL spokesman Michael Signora. Such a review potentially could result in league appointed ball attendants taking possession of the footballs after they’re inspected by the game officials prior to games. Currently, the footballs are returned to team appointed ball attendants..

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