She’s right, as a patient comes to Seattle Grace

It has been a rough stretch for Rooney and United, losers of three straight, on and off the pitch. Rooney, who leads the club in goals (11) and assists (seven), served a mandatory one game suspension last Saturday at Philadelphia for a red card he received in the team’s previous match against the New York Red Bulls. The league’s disciplinary committee extended Rooney’s suspension by an additional match because it involved a blow to the head, meaning Rooney will miss Saturday’s game at Montreal..

Such clarity cannot be contaminated. WNBA players are no strangers to activism, and it is impossible to deny what they seek in this moment of three headed crisis, with the pandemic, racial unrest and economic despair combining to erase American comfort and indifference. They want accountability for police lethality, and they want systemic justice reform.

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The ad will begin airing this week, primarily during the draft. Oikos Triple Zero is also hosting the official NFL Draft After Party, called Stay Strong with Shaq, on Shaquille O’Neal’s Instagram page on April 23. The retired NBA star, who moonlights as DJ Diesel, will be joined on a virtual dance floor by players and others, including Isaiah Simmons, Jeff Okudah, and Tristan Wirfs, Oikos says.

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