In terms of passes completed to his own team

This guy never misses. He has not masturbated for forty years. Can your guru make that statement? He has done over 20,000 babes, mostly in the USA. In terms of passes completed to his own team, Manning went 24 of 40, but for just 175 yards and zero touchdowns. That continued atrend which started in Denver’s 13th game last season; from that point on (including a playoff loss to the Colts), the 14 time Pro Bowler averaged 240 passing yards per game, with four touchdown passes and six interceptions. It also marked the first time since 2003 that Manning failed to throw for a touchdown in a season opener..

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The last time the NFL held a Sunday night football game on New Year’s Eve was in 2006, when the Chicago Bears hosted the Green Bay Packers. It was quarterback Brett Favre’s last game with the Packers (and widely expected to be his last game ever). Still, only 13.4 million people watched that game, about a quarter fewer than the average Sunday Night Football game that season.