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Another route is entering into a development agreement for a project, attorneys said. Under such an agreement, a developer agrees to provide additional benefits for the community such as funding for affordable housing or infrastructure improvements in exchange for getting those vested rights for an extended period of time. The Luxe City Center Hotel project has such an agreement..

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In the protests of these last weeks, the government has beaten citizens, driven vehicles into protesters, and fired pepper rounds at journalists. Yes, in those same protests, police officers have been shot, police stations burned, and businesses looted. But police violence is fundamentally different from private violence.

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The project has parking for 43 vehicles and 50 bikes, along with a 1,248 square foot commercial space at street level. See project documents on the city website. More images of 3000 San Pablo are posted on the architect website.. If they’re confused about things like where they are or what time period it is, don’t try to correct them. When they withdraw, they’re less active and may spend more time in a chair or in bed. They don’t want to take part in their usual routine.

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