I think I just gained 10 pounds typing that

I’m striving for quality. I would rather have a few quality head vases than several head vases with problems (cracks, chips, repairs, substantial paint loss, etc). I realize that because the head vases I’m collecting are vintage, they aren’t going to be perfect time has taken care of that but I want them to be as perfect as reasonably possible..

Their modern day counterparts, of course, can afford to stick to their day jobs. Today’s pro athletes are walking corporations in many cases, multimillionaires with salaries that guarantee they will never need to work again after their playing days are over. It’s not exactly a news flash that many elite pros and lots of not so elite ones earn more money in a year than the average American worker makes in a lifetime.

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Aside from the basic mild to hot, Sean offers garlic parmesan, Buffalo Blue, nacho cheese, honey sriracha and salt pepper.Yes, you read that right: Nacho cheese chicken wings. I think I just gained 10 pounds typing that.It’s been nine days since Sean opened his kitchen, and business has picked up exponentially. Since last week, when bars were allowed to reopen, he’s fried 500 pounds of chicken wings.

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