The Raiders can beat the Chargers

“Replay, in my mind, should be there for a very egregious situation that just was blatantly missed,” Jones said. “I think the one in New Orleans, the one that started this recent rule, was egregious and should have been reviewed. But to have it on every play and have it at the will of the coach to make those calls, to have it done that way, is really kind of not as succinct as I like to see officiating.”.

But we’re certainly not where we need to be. I don’t think any player is. I don’t think any coach is. Then on Sunday, in his first Washington Redskins game, it did. More than a year after those days alone with the machine and the dummy, wholesale nfl jerseys from china a pass was flying toward him and Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Ronald Darby. They jumped together, the ball landing, for an instant, in each of their hands a classic 50 50 ball then at the last second, McLaurin yanked it from Darby’s grasp, falling to the ground with the ball pressed against his chest..

Cheap Jerseys china He is also a good route runner, catches the ball, and gets off the line of scrimmage. He can also block and break a tackle. Randle El only ever had speed.. So I think Cinci will lose.The Texans don’t have a whole lot to play for. The Titans have everything to play for. That one is iffy.The Raiders can beat the Chargers, but on certain weeks, they can’t do anything. Cheap Jerseys china

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