Many of my friends couldn’t understand why I didn’t

I genuinely baffled. As a fan (a heartbroken former fan, anyway) I understand why football exerts such a powerful grip on men. The game is an exalted cult of hyper masculinity, a place of refuge where dudes can escape the moral complexities and disappointments of adulthood, where heroism is defined as courageous and brutal and, above all, male.

Green has the smallest amount of ZeroPoint foods allowed, all focused on fruits and veggies. But it has the largest SmartPoints budget to spend. On the Blue level, your ZeroPoint foods expand to over 200, including fruits, vegetables and lean proteins.

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The leaks include one widely shared “intelligence note” by the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness, which was previously shared on Twitter on June 4th, 2020. In that note, law enforcement officers are instructed to “make “observations” on “ANTIFA affiliated extremists,” following the questionable narrative that anti fascist activists are entirely provocateurs. Office of Steptoe Johnson LLP told KrebsOnSecurity.

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