But the methane burning fuel is hardly a long term

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Second ground rule is to observe the etiquette of being on Facebook. Don’t comment on every post and sneak in a little angle about your business venture. You could end up being tagged as a Facebook stalker or spammer. The first packet comes through, the switch determines a path and sends the data All subsequent packets come through and use the same path because they are still using the same source and destination IP The result is data possibly leaving the server using all 4 ports (controlled by BASP driver) but since the policy is src dst ip and the source and destination IP for this copy is all the same, only one path to Target A will be used. So while you are using all 4 interfaces on the source, the target is stuck with one which limits you to 120MB/s max. Most people would expect 400+MB/s in this scenario due to their lack of understanding.

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