We’re one play away from being a starter

Our mind set is always like we’re starters. We’re one play away from being a starter. You never know what’s going to happen in this business. Jalen Richard/DeAndre Washington, cheap jerseys RBs, Raiders: In keeping with the theme, we offer up the two tailbacks who will pick up the slack for the suspended Marshawn Lynch. Oakland visits Buffalo on Sunday so it’s not exactly a great matchup, plus weather could be an issue for the Raiders as well, though that probably bodes well for the pair of running backs if the conditions affect throwing the ball. But for owners desperate to find a tailback that will get touches this weekend, this duo offers some hope..

Marry those two thoughts in your mind, if that’s even possible. We’ll move on to the season to come without Kaepernick, but we’ll do so understanding that we’re now more entrenched in the culture he reinforced. Protest, Kaepernick reminds us, is a normal part of American discourse.

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