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The participants were 72 experienced, weight trained collegiate American football players. Across 3 weeks, each athlete performed three different repetitions to fatigue bench press tests (NFL 225, SWI 225, and SWI 215). A multiple regression revealed a positive association between participants’ strength relative to the test load and repetitions for NFL 225 and SWI 215, but no association with SWI 225.

24 Oregon State U. Ore. Primarily online Sept. Hundley twice hit Davante Adams, who left on a stretcher the last time the Packers played the Chicago Bears, once for a touchdown on a Rodgers esque pass and another time on a third down conversion pass that Adams hauled in with one arm. The 23 16 win moved the Packers to 5 4 and marked their first win since Rodgers broke his collarbone Oct. 15.

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Kevin Demoff, the executive vice president of football operations for the Rams, said his team actually has been in favor of the expanded use of replay. But Demoff said the league and owners should take a broader look at officiating and do all they can to give the officials the tools necessary to succeed. That could include, in addition to potential replay tweaks, finding a training league for young officials or providing virtual reality simulators to train officials..

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The temptation was to drop the Rams even further, behind the Cowboys and Bears. After all, they lost to the Bears and the Cowboys are playing even better than the Bears are. For now, the Rams get the benefit of the doubt and the loss Sunday night in Chicago will be partially forgiven as an aberration.

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