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The run resonated with others, too. Jack won an ESPY award in 2013 for “Best Moment” and got to meet President Barack Obama in the Oval Office. Six years later, Martinez said he’s not surprised to see Jack live out his dream for the Huskies. We use our understanding of what is doing on in the world and financial markets, to make decisions on what investments to buy and sell. We suggest ideas and discuss the pros and cons of each before making a final decision. We use this information to help our clients decide which investments are best for them..

Can Tampa Bay call Vita Vea’s number again? Please? The defensive lineman caught a 1 yard touchdown pass against Atlanta, becoming, at 347 pounds, the heaviest player to catch a TD pass, according to Pro Football Reference. He’s just a few carbs weightier than Jonathan Ogden (345) and, because you’re wondering, William Perry, who weighed 335. “I scored?” Vea laughed afterward.

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For it to happen, Tagovailoa would have to get past the Miami Dolphins (No. 5 pick) and Los Angeles Chargers (No. 6). Only games originally scheduled for Sunday afternoon may be moved to Sunday night. Games scheduled for Thursdays (including the Thanksgiving games), Mondays and Saturdays are untouchable. The league must give the networks, teams and fans 12 days’ notice of a flexed game except for Week 17, when the required notice is only six days.

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