“I could not go to the president of the United

The first play of the fourth quarter was forgettable for the Vikings as well. Cousins’ pass for Stefon Diggs wasintercepted by Tre Flowers, who may have gotten away with pass interference, but deflected the pass and made a juggling interception at the Minnesota 25. Three plays later, Wilson found Penny on a screen pass and Seattle had a 17 point lead..

The Cavs had quality spacing for the first nine games of the season, when they surprised the league with a 4 5 start. But from there, the offense deteriorated, especially in November. They lost six straight games at one point, and Osman scored 7.8 points per game on 40.9% overall shooting during that stretch..

“We might have to play them in two more weeks,” Ravens safety Eric Weddle, who played nine years for the Chargers when they were in San Diego, said on the NFL Network’s set after the game. “It was a great team win tonight. I’m not going to boast too much.

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In 1949, Mr. Taliaferro was drafted in the 13th round by the Chicago Bears, making him the first African American player selected by an NFL team. He never played for the Bears, however, having signed a week before the draft with the Los Angeles Dons of the rival All America Football Conference (AAFC), which had fielded integrated teams since 1946, one year before Jackie Robinson of baseball’s Brooklyn Dodgers broke the major league’s color barrier.

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