But I’m an employee of the Washington Redskins so

Nintendo’s approach is reminiscent of the “Disney Vault,” a term coined to describe Disney’s policy around releasing home videos, where they would be placed on the market temporarily and then removed until a subsequent timed rerelease. Of course, “Super Mario 64,” “Super Mario Sunshine” and “Super Mario Galaxy” all originally came out years ago. But I wouldn’t be surprised if these titles returned in a more permanent fashion later on, after the temporary availability.

At the Grey Cup in Calgary last November, Randy Ambrosie described the Canadian Football League as the global football league in the world. Were a couple of adjectives doing a lot of work in that phrase, but the commissioner had never been shy about bold pronouncements in his few years on the job. And at the time, Ambrosie in full salesman mode had a lot to tout: his global expansion initiative had brought partnerships in 11 countries, even if they were a long way from increasing the league actual fan base; there was an ownership group planning for a new team in Halifax, even if stadium plans were unsettled; the orphaned Montreal Alouettes were close to getting a new owner.

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Cheap Jerseys china Well, this NFL season just got a lot more boring. Patrick Mahomes, the league’s most prolific and entertaining quarterback, dislocated his right kneecap Thursday night. While the injury shouldn’t threaten his career or even end his season, it’s the first significant setback Mahomes has suffered during his meteoric rise over the past two seasons.. Cheap Jerseys china

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Police did not provide any further information Saturday on the suspected murder suicide as investigators remain on scene, collecting evidence from the Parklane Avenue home. Friday morning four family members three males and one female were shot dead in the home. Another family member, a 50 year old woman, was wounded before the alleged shooter turned the gun on himself.

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