Backup quarterback Ryan Mallett temporarily took

In a year of rapid fire scoring, the Ravens rely on unflashy defense that grinds bones into ash. The rest of the league wants to break the scoreboard. The Ravens want to break your face. While surveying that crowd, consider that none of it happens without Ovechkin. We have understood that for more than a decade, but it’s important to acknowledge it again now. Saturday night was Ovechkin’s 564th game in this building.

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Reportedly, MLB wants no part of doing that. Already the draft, normally held in June, is likely to be pushed back to July and then be cut from 40 rounds to as few as anywhere from five to 10 to cut costs. And the economic impact may certainly hurt minor league teams..

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Flacco gave the Ravens and their fans a third quarter scare when he made an awkward slide, untouched by a Steelers defender, at the end of a run, then got up and hopped off the field straight to the tunnel beneath the stands. Backup quarterback Ryan Mallett temporarily took over. But the Ravens announced that Flacco was “fine” and that he’d merely broken the brace that he wears on his surgically repaired left knee.

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