He first settled in at The Post in 1995 and has

You’re free to be honest. You have fun again. You appreciate that you can’t do this alone, and that you wouldn’t want to do this with any other group of men. Robinson owes his brief NFL career to the hardball labor negotiation tactics that the league adopted in 1987, when it employed replacement players because of its experience with the strike of 1982. No games were played for about two months that year. The players emerged from that strike with a significant pay increase and the owners were left with huge losses in revenue and fan interest..

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But that same view, he noted, makes it difficult for a viewer to determine how many yards are gained on each play. The sideline view makes it easy to count yardage, since fans can see the entire field and the small white hash marks marking each consecutive yard. With the SkyCam, other players often obscure the hash marks..

The best way to understand the NFL playoff field is to realize the Pittsburgh Steelers are not currently part of it. Sunday evening, the Steelers pushed the Saints to the brink in New Orleans, and would have either won or forced overtime if not for an ill fated fake punt and a last minute fumble. The performance proved the Steelers could beat anybody.

Recently, Salesforce chairman and CEO Marc Benioff reviewed his 17,000 employees’ salaries and made $3 million in adjustments to equalize gender pay disparities. And as I’ve said before, on this issue, women can’t afford to wait anymore. We can’t be silent, we can’t depend on the awareness of the occasional principled CEO and we can’t afford to let another election go by without demanding that political leaders address the wage gap..

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