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This is when we did some serious research into the matter. According to many experts, there is no reason to stop breastfeeding just because you are expecting another bundle of joy. Unless there is a risk to the pregnancy, although weaning will also not guarantee that the pregnancy will be saved either.

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A common misconception, one that is slowly being left behind, is that standard medicine and alternative treatment for lupus are at odds. You have to choose one or the other. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You never know what might happen, so keep an emergency kit in your car. It should contain first aid paraphernalia; non perishable food, like energy bars, easy open cans of tuna, and peanut butter; a flashlight, a multi tool; and matches. You can buy pre stocked emergency kits in auto parts stores or create one of your own and add to it as you see fit..

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