Notice that this “fifth wall” is perpendicular to

Lie back and stare at your ceiling for a few minutes. Notice that this “fifth wall” is perpendicular to the other walls; the 90 degree angle throws it into shadow. Even the white has a gray cast due to the angle. This is a problem for many, because they aren always aware of their needs or limits until the stress has become overwhelming. When the stress becomes overwhelming and takes over a person sleep, focus, and relationships, that when it usually too late.To be more successful in life, it helps to better understand your needs. Why are you taking on one more projects or responsibility when you know you really don have room in your schedule to do so? What does never saying, do for your own sense of identity or self esteem? Is it playing a need based role in your life, one that maybe you not really even aware of?What about your limits? Every human has them, but few of us acknowledge them freely especially not even to ourselves.

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