Since each school is preparing in its own way

The importance of the border townCanada is unique in that most of our population lives near the American border. It estimated that between 75 to 90 per cent of us are within 160 km of it. We are a border people. And though the local minor league baseball team hosts a Sam Dekker bobblehead night in the summer, the son disagrees with his father as to who’s the real celebrity in town. For three decades, Todd Dekker taught sixth grade and coached high school basketball in Sheboygan. He remains beloved in a city with a population just shy of 50,000, according to the most recent census figures..

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wholesale jerseys Instead, safety is at the forefront of every student, faculty member and parent’s minds. A college campus full of students from across the area and the country living, studying and working in the same spaces has a lot of potential risks, which has forced the Lehigh Valley’s four year colleges and universities to completely overhaul typical semester plans. Between new start and end dates, hybrid learning, limited living situations and more, plenty of action is being taken to ensure safety amid an as normal as possible school year.Since each school is preparing in its own way, we rounded up wholesale jerseys restart plans, safety protocols and other important information for the eight colleges in and around the Lehigh Valley.Cedar Crest College The Allentown college will welcome students back to campus on Aug. wholesale jerseys

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