And that’s what I was all set to order

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wholesale nba basketball You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy noticeKevin Phillips says he received very good feedback regarding Sunderland new boy Aiden O O became Sunderland first summer signing last week when he signed a two year deal after leaving Millwall at the end of the season.O is primarily a striker and hit double figures on both occasions that he played at this level previously. However, he can also operate in a forward role behind the striker, which he has done a lot recently for the Lions.And in an attempt to get some information about the Black Cats latest addition, Phillips has revealed that he made enquiries to people he knows at Millwall to find out more about the 26 year old.And it not hard to find an instant connection, with Phillips serving as a coach under current Millwall boss Gary Rowett at both Derby County and Stoke City.Phillips told Football Insider of his enquiries into O “I have made some enquiries because I know the people down at Millwall and they have given me some very good feedback about him.”I am excited to see this kid perform in League One.Read MoreSunderland complete their first signing of the summer as Aiden O joins from Millwall”He has a bit of everything about him. He can play as a nine, a ten and he can play out wide wholesale nba basketball.