“While Mims was out, he took extra meetings with

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wholesale nfl jerseys “He looked like he was running well I know we didn’t do anything crazy but just moving around and hitting the routes we hit in individual, that was good to see.”While Mims was out, he took extra meetings with coaches to help him understand to offense and learn as much as possible off the field. Without the benefit of offseason workouts, Mims wanted to take advantage of every opportunity to prepare for his return to the field.Mims has also talked to quarterback Sam Darnold as much as possible, dissecting routes and how other receivers run them.Mims called his prolonged absence to start his first NFL training camp frustrating, since he had never been sidelined with an injury like that. He didn’t give a clear expectation on when he’ll be a full participant in practice, but he’s trusted the process that has gotten him to this point.”We’ve been taking it one day at a time,” Mims said wholesale nfl jerseys.