He regularly violated Jim Crow laws and was arrested

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Advised us that some of our class sizes could be close to 30 students. The concern about the inability to physically distance with the larger class sizes prompted trustees to start considering additional safety measures and that how the K to 3 mandatory mask mandate was implemented. The decision was made, the division received criticism from families.

This summer interning at the Everhart Museum’s department of Museum Education, Programming and Events, I hope to gain a broader understanding of how a small museum functions day to day as well as the roles of the different departments in a museum. Having grown up in Scranton, PA near the Everhart Museum, I also hope to achieve a deeper appreciation for the work that goes into keeping the arts alive in our community through their different projects, initiatives, camps and events. I am hopeful that this internship will help me to better understand my future career path by helping me decide whether I would like to pursue museum work or education.

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