It was such a crazy feeling, we did not want another

Once after leaving his grave, I was traveling down our big road towards home and Gizmo came into my mind and told me we would get another dog and his name would be Baxter. It was such a crazy feeling, we did not want another dog. We still had Rascal who was devastated when Giz left him so much so he’d not eat for three days.

Oh and a tip for the crammers: one full day’s concentrated learning bookended by two nights of good sleep can enable your brain to prepare and process all that information!If possible, try to avoid the big last minute cram sessions before an exam. It often confuses you as you try to hang on to those last minute tid bits of advice, especially when you haven’t had the required amount of sleep to process the information and file it correctly in your brain’s trust. Rely on the time you’ve spent up to that point.

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