Animated in his post fight interview with yours truly

The Cleveland Browns would love to add Brown to their roster but Pittsburgh won’t want an in division trade. I think Brown will end up heading out west, to a talent hungry team like the Raiders or the San Francisco 49ers. Both have a need for a playmaker who can make their quarterbacks better..

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Organizational culture refers to the system of collective assumptions, values, behavioral conducts, rituals, and perception of leadership. Every organization designs its own unique culture which guides employees’ behaviors towards customers as well as towards one another, dictates management practices, and protects the organization from incompatible ideas or people (Schein, 1990). The patterns of an organization’s culture are believed to be consistent, nurtured by various monetary and non monetary incentives.

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Suddenly, it became the Post story and the historic significance and relevance shifted to freedom of the press and the validity of the bedrock amendment to the Constitution and, of course, the stuff from which Hollywood makes movies. And that is what the filmmakers have done in a prequel to the Watergate saga, which was to stimulate another world saving effort by the Post in the President Men. Me make it clear I have not seen Post, the latest Hollywood vision of great journalism as it may or may not have taken place.

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