The Rams rebounded after committing turnovers on

Clowney visited a specialist in Philadelphia last week and opted to try and avoid surgery for now in the hope he can manage the injury for the rest of the season. Clowney said it similar to a core injury he had during his rookie season that ended up needing surgery. He played just four games as a rookie..

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wholesale jerseys from china Quarterback Jared Goff threw an interception and had only 18 passing attempts against the Bears. The Rams rebounded after committing turnovers on their first two possessions of the night, via a fumble lost by tailback Todd Gurley and an interception thrown by Goff. Gurley ran for 97 yards and a touchdown. wholesale jerseys from china

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The Jaguars submitted a desultory performance Sunday during a season ending loss to the Texans. Apparently Tom Coughlin didn’t like what he saw on Jacksonville’s sideline, either. Yeldon and Leonard Fournette,” Coughlin said in a statement. Reading it now, a decade and a half later, you see how the fun, run and gun Suns launched basketball into a new era. Mark Selig”” (2006), by Michael D’Orso D’Orso takes readers to Alaska, where he embedded for a full season with the high school boys’ basketball team in tiny, remote Fort Yukon. If you’re a pure sports fan, the book’s descriptions of the team’s thrilling “rezball” style would be enough to keep you riveted on its run to the state playoffs.