The pieces are in place for McAdoo and the Giants to

The NBA’s global aspirations rely heavily on China, with Silver regularly referring to the country, and its population of 1.4 billion, as a top priority and, as he said in June, an “enormous opportunity.” Silver’s predecessor, David Stern, began laying roots in the country with a partnership with CCTV in 1987. The NBA began hosting exhibition games in China in 2004, and the NBA officially opened its NBA China office in 2008. The Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets will play exhibition games this week in Shanghai and Shenzhen..

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“The interesting thing is, the guy’s really only been a tight end for, what, three seasons now? You see the growth,” Coach Ron Rivera said last week. “You see him going out there and learning, picking things up. I love his effort. Durant chose a team with a culture every bit as good as the one he’s leaving behind. He chose a team with the most exciting style of play in the league, and it’s a style that fits his game perfectly, with his ability to play multiple positions and excel with the ball in his hands or as a catch and shoot threat. He chose the team most likely to win multiple titles with him on it, a true potential dynasty.

OUTLOOK:The Giants would have been far better, and perhaps a playoff team, last season if only they’d held on to late leads and won the games they should have won. That cost former coach Tom Coughlin his job and led to the promotion of offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo. The pieces are in place for McAdoo and the Giants to be effective offensively.

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