“But I don’t see [Peterson] slacking off

“I have no doubt,” Shaw said. “This guy is as natural a pass catcher as I’ve ever been around, and I’ve been with two Hall of Fame receivers. This guy catches the ball with ease. “I think Mr. Blank got the upper hand tonight,” Jones said, and a moment later he said if he did run into the Falcons owner which he did not before leaving the stadium and climbing into a limousine he would have a simple message for his opponent, suddenly on and off the field. “Attaboy,” Jones said he’d tell him..

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Maybe more than the comeback wins against Detroit and Carolina, Sunday’s game in Green Bay was Haskins’s breakthrough moment. His teammates had seen him struggle early this season, slowly developing into a confident game manager who is making more and more big plays when the Redskins need them most. But they hadn’t seen how he would handle the ultimate reality of the NFL.

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