It has work to do and it’s going to take more than

If only it were as simple as the NFL seems to think. It has work to do and it’s going to take more than pink cleats in October to fix this. We female fans can read, have long memories and credit cards. “We are aware of the incident and have been in touch with Odell and his representatives on the matter,” the Browns said in a statement earlier in the week, when the officer involved initially encouraged officials to prosecute Beckham. Louisiana law defines misdemeanor sexual battery as the intentional touching of the breasts or buttocks of a victim who did not consent to the contact. Simple battery in Louisiana is “battery committed without the consent of the victim” and, although it carries punishment of up to six months in prison and a maximum fine of $1,000, it is expungeable for first time offenders..

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping From a young age Nusheen Hussain realised that the colour of her skin could affect her career chances.As the daughter of two hardworking immigrants Cheap Jerseys from china her Pakistani heritage was not represented in sectors she was interested in as they were often dominated by white males.However, far from accepting this inherent bias it simply fuelled Nusheen desire to succeed.Now executive director for business development at Home Group, Nusheen is proud of the company approach to diversity and is helping to enact change from the inside.This includes fairer recruitment processes, transparency on gender and BAME pay gaps and acknowledging training needs, including the often dialogue around white privilege.The mother of three said: “I always wanted to aim high, I was quite ambitious and motivated and as a British Muslim woman of Pakistani origin I knew I had to work harder for my opportunities.”National statistics show that women from a Pakistani or Bangladeshi background are the least likely to be employed so I knew I had to do that little bit more to get to where I wanted to.”The London born executive, who describes her parents as her biggest role models, forged a successful career in marketing after graduating from university in London with a degree in business and communications.Over the past two decades she has worked across a number of sectors including financial services, construction, publishing and energy before joining Home Group in July 2019.Challenges and stamping out discrimination However, Nusheen admits there has been challenges along the way.The business development executive explains: “I had negative experiences around race and discrimination during my career including a colleague who refused a sales call because the client name foreign I was astounded.”The best we can do is speak up and actively challenge discrimination. The challenge is really important it not about shouting at someone and being aggressive, you can do it in a very calm and diplomatic way to get your point across.”Being part of a diverse workforce is extremely important to Nusheen and it played a deciding factor in her move to Home Group.The national business is one of the UK largest providers of quality housing, with integrated health and social care, and provides help to a diverse customer base.Described as a association with a difference they have a huge impact on people lives by building homes as well as independence and aspirations.And as one of the country biggest social landlords, they also know that they have a key role to play in tackling prejudice and discrimination.Home Group has a planned program to pro actively support BAME customers into housing and employment opportunities and focus their efforts on leaving communities behind. This is also embedded in their workplace culture with a raft of equality, diversity and inclusion measures.For example, they have adopted the Rooney Rule around gender and race for senior appointments to ensure diversity in the shortlisted candidates for interview.They are also challenging their agencies to lift any blockers for minorities and using new channels to pro actively target roles to BAME communities.Nusheen enjoys spending time with her familyHome Group is a place for everyone As an inclusive employer Home Group strives for equality across gender, race and beyond.In fact, they actively welcome diversity and have recently signed up to the Race at Work charter to ensure full transparency around their employment statistics.Describing this as really bold and positive step Nusheen notes that the housing sector as a whole is ahead of the curve when it comes to diversity and inclusion.She said: “At Home Group we have a high proportion of women, we employ more people from BAME communities, more people that have a disability or are from the LGBTQ+ community.”We embrace diversity and we ensure that it not just in our policies and procedures but our actions reflect and promote equality too Cheap Jerseys free shipping.