Some people hid their true identities or addresses

Maybe Beckham got his second foot on the ground with possession of the football and then did enough to establish himself as a runner before the ball was knocked free. More likely, he didn’t. It was close but, in all likelihood, the call technically was correct under existing rules.

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It’s a worldwide conflict. Everything is divisive and quarrelsome. Basically, we’re on the road, I think, to self destruction, with the eco destruction, extinction of species, climate change, war, nuclear weapons, biological warfare, pandemics, racism, bigotry, hatred, prejudice.

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Goodell’s message came Friday after days of protests across the United States following the May 25 killing of George Floyd, a black man who died in Minneapolis after white police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes. Goodell’s video came after black stars such as Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Odell Beckham Jr. And Ezekiel Elliott appeared in a powerful video organized by New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas in which they asked the NFL to condemn racism and admit the league had been wrong.