You’ve gotta do it the right way

With Tommy Taylor, Tom Cruse and Ashley Johnson all signed up for next season. Alfie Barbeary is scoring tries for run at England U18 and U20 level but last night it was the turn of Gabriel Oghre to shine.Handed the captaincy despite the likes of experienced Premiership campaigners Simon McIntyre and Kearnan Myall being in the starting XV, the young front row rose to the occasion.(Image: Richard Lane Photography)Every hooker dreams of hitting their man five metres from the opposition line and being in possession as the forwards earn a score. It takes great skill and application to achieve it.Oghre fourth minute throw was on the money and he steered the mass of bodies perfectly before picking his moment to break off and dot down.The former England U20 has great footwork and hands, he a real player.

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