What eats snail slime balls? Ants

This is https://www.ecwebcom.com a valuable lesson I learned as I was studying Animation. Anybody with the talent can follow along with basics and principles, but to be great and really make an impression you need more than that. Expressing yourself will set you apart from the pack.

Was actually a really important business for not just Minot but the entire northwest part of North Dakota, even into Canada and into eastern Montana, because it was the first store that was using rail to ship in produce. And so it was the first time really that they would get fresh produce out to western North Dakota, southern Saskatchewan and eastern Montana, Black said. It actually had a pretty significant economic impact on the region when it opened.

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Like most internal parasitic worms, it starts out as a microscopic egg in a pile of poo, in this case, the dung of cows or sheep. The egg is ingested by a snail, hatches into an immature worm within this intermediate host, migrates through different tissues of the snail, and is eventually expelled through the snail respiratory system within tiny slime balls. What eats snail slime balls? Ants.

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