Is banged up, Cherski said, but he should be well

Newton is also trying to regain confidence after 2016, when the Panthers went 6 10 and he absorbed a frightening number of crushing hits. In many cases, referees failed to protect him from hits that either came late or to his head. The punishment he took last season would have affected any quarterback, and Rivera admitted in the offseason that Newton needed to rebuild his confidence..

And though it makes all the sense in the world to question the wisdom of giving up so much of your future three first round picks, including Washington’s No. 6 overall selection and a second round pick this year, to the St. Louis Rams for the No. Physical specimen freak of nature at the Quarterback position is what Isreal Carter is. Week in and week out Carter presented a big task for opposing Defensive Coordinators. Yet and still Carter got the job done.

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“I don’t want to be a sob story,” Travis said. “I don’t want my friends always feeling bad for me. When I’m there, I just want to be part of the group. Impact: As expected, Jackson is rejoining his teammates after missing back to back practices over the weekend. Coach John Harbaugh said the quarterback was dealing with a soft tissue injury, while ESPN reporter Adam Schefter was a bit more specific in labeling it as a groin issue. The Ravens may take a cautious approach with Jackson this week, hoping to avoid any setbacks before their Sept.

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That we going to try to push is better time management, play management on the offensive side so we can eat more clock. We figure if we on the field with the ball and they not, then it be less chance for them to score. Is banged up, Cherski said, but he should be well rested.

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