Since the active region was facing Earth

My view (it’s more fun this way): Since May23, the Astros, including the postseason, are 81 41 and have scored 691 runs with a plus 182 run differential. The Nats are 82 40 and have scored 700 runs with a plus 203 run differential. I don’t see one exceptional, versatile, mash or manufacture offense; I see two multifaceted mirror images..

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The $2 billion deal makes the Clippers the priciest team in NBA history, followed by the sale of the Milwaukee Bucks for $550 million earlier this year. Donald Sterling paid roughly $12 million for the Clippers when he bought the team in 1981. That’s equivalent to about $35 million in today’s dollars so, even with a capital gains hit, the Sterlings will pocket quite the hefty profit..

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Anderson struggled during the first four games of the season, yet we should not have expected much from the third year pro. In Week 1 Anderson had to face Pro Bowl corner Darius Slay. In Week 2 he lined up opposite Xavien Howard, the league leader in interceptions with three.

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