More than ever, any team that doesn’t have a

The Ithaca College football program is just over a month away from reporting to campus to begin its preseason training camp for the upcoming 2019 season. Ithaca is coming off its second consecutive 8 3 season and will kick off the 2019 campaign on September 7. Catch up with the program with the following updates..

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From a media standpoint, the NFL is covered unlike anything else in American sport, and somehow Schefter’s reporting rises above the din. He’s perfected the formula perhaps better than any NFL reporter who’s ever preceded him: a tireless work ethic, the bully pulpit of ESPN and the leveraging of information from sources as a commodity to get more from others. As the NFL season prepares to kick off Thursday night, According to Adam Schefter has become a phrase every football fan knows all too well..

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