They walked up a dead end road in nowhere New York

It was a homecoming to forget for Rodgers, who was born in Chico, Calif., and played in college at Cal. He threw for only 104 yards on his 33 passing attempts and was given a mercifully early exit by Coach Matt LaFleur with the game out of hand. The Packers dropped to 8 3 as they fell into a first place tie with the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC North..

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They began Thursday 3 0 this season in games started by Romo and 0 7 in the games that he’d missed, with Brandon Weeden and then Matt Cassel filling in at quarterback. They simply ran into a far superior team Thursday. The outcome was decided long before Romo exited.

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Brain SPECT is ideally suited to reveal brain damage caused by blows to the head. In my clinic we have seen many football players, at all levels, who have suffered serious brain injury caused by the sport. Plus, we’ve done the largest study on retired NFL players, which revealed remarkably high levels of brain injury and many associated problems..

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Sweat said Saturday that he was originally diagnosed two years ago during an exam when he arrived at Mississippi State. He said he played two seasons without problems and has been told by every doctor who examined him that he can play with the condition. Gruden said the Redskins’ team doctors do not believe Sweat’s condition will be a problem.