Vegas oddsmakers have taken a line that should have

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Students at Paul Mitchell Schools, another top name in cosmetology education, have made similar complaints. The schools, most also independently owned, recently announced initiatives aimed at including hair types as standard learning, not specialized. Of the changes is getting practice dolls with a wider range of textured hair, said Paul Mitchell brand ambassador John Mosley, a Black barber in Dallas..

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But before our dog died a few years a go, he would run and hide in the shower stall as far as he could from all that noise. The Twin Falls animal shelter reported that they were over populated by dogs that has ran from the fireworks and would their owners please come and pick them up. Communities have no idea how fireworks are horrible and traumatic to some veterans and to animals.

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Isaias (pronounced ees ah EE ahs) was upgraded again from a tropical storm to a Category 1 hurricane Monday evening. Early Tuesday the storm, downgraded again, was centered about 25 miles (40 kilometers) northwest of Greenville, North Carolina. It was moving quickly north northeast over eastern North Carolina at 26 mph (41 kph) and this general motion accompanied by an increase in forward speed is expected through Tuesday..

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