But this prudent safety precaution was never

Three weeks in, we realized this wasn’t going anywhere.”Story continues belowThis advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.Article content continuedForme closed a few days before the official lockdown mandate, when it became obvious that COVID had begun to make gyms unsafe for their clients. But this prudent safety precaution was never intended to be long term. “We had no idea that this would be permanent,” Smits explains.

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Vagaries of conditions Any case involving degenerative medical conditions can be tricky, but the ex players’ dementia claims have proven to be an especially complicated diagnosis for the settlement administrators, not as clear cut to those reviewing claims as death by CTE, for example, or ALS. The settlement calls for two categories of dementia, classifications that are unique to the case and not otherwise used in medical or scientific communities. Former players in the “1.5 category” akin to early dementia for example, must show evidence “of a moderate to severe cognitive decline,” whereas those in the 2.0 category likened to moderate dementia must show “evidence of a severe cognitive decline.”.

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Foles has accepted his role dutifully. The Eagles have handled the situation adroitly, keeping Foles around as the ultimate insurance policy rather than trading him last offseason with his value at an all time high. The natural order of things is that Wentz is the Eagles’ starter when he’s healthy and Foles, who’s likely to be a free agent this coming offseason, will get his chance to start with another team..

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