They shared stories from their youth when they both

Rams General Manager Les Snead took age out of the equation when he first evaluated McVay and came to an analytical conclusion that McVay’s offenses were elite. He contacted McVay’s former players, who told him McVay had no problem commanding a room despite his youth. He interviewed McVay for five hours, then continued the discussion over dinner.

Cheap Jerseys china By Mari Saito, Ju min Park and Antoni SlodkowskiTOKYO () In the days leading up to Shinzo Abe’s surprise resignation last month as rumors of his ill health swirled in Japan, the prime minister’s right hand man, Yoshihide Suga, was courting a ruling party boss whose backing could make him king.In a secluded dining room in an upscale Tokyo hotel, Suga met with Toshihiro Nikai, the secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), for a traditional Japanese meal. They shared stories from their youth when they both worked as secretaries for powerful politicians, according to a columnist who dined with them.The dinner, Nikai’s third with Suga in as many months, came little over a week before Abe stepped down as Japan’s longest serving premier and highlighted the kind of alliance building that has made Suga the leading candidate to replace him.At the dinner, Suga thanked Nikai for keeping a firm grip over the LDP, saying it had allowed Abe’s administration to execute its policies with ease, according to Fumiya Shinohara, the political columnist who was there with them.Two weeks later, Nikai’s group was the first among the party’s factions to endorse Suga for the top job, support that makes him almost certain to be Japan’s next prime minister.”In an environment where human relationships are paramount, that has been Mr. Suga’s best weapon,” said Shinohara, adding that their exchange over dinner cemented an alliance now poised to control the ruling party.Suga’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the dinner. Cheap Jerseys china

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