Holder also told police that Hardy had assaulted her

Robert Raskopf, the lead attorney for the Redskins, rejected those arguments and said the Supreme Court ruling last week about Texas license plates does not apply. He said that trademark registrations are more closely associated with the brand holder, not the government. He said that when people think of Coca Cola’s trademark, they don’t think about the government’s role, they think of the soda manufacturer..

There is not a day that we don’t experience some type of music. Listening to the radio, or singing in a choir, music is part of our lives. How do we answer the question: Why is Music Important? Read about five special areas that will answer this question.

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You [are] clearly violating the First Amendment… What on earth would possess you to be so mind boggingly stupid?. Jalen Ramsey wants out of Jacksonville. The star cornerback made that clear after he got into a sideline argument with Coach Doug Marrone in the second game of the season, and again last week when he asked to be traded. He also wants more money.

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