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Rice Alter 22 J. Grealish Alter 25 J. Ward Prowse Alter 26 M. The Capitals have the third highest point total in the Eastern Conference, and they’re tied for second in the league in most goals, underscoring how exciting offensively they are to watch. The Capitals have the biggest lead (seven points) of any division leader in the NHL. And you get to see arguably the most exciting player in the league, Alexander Ovechkin..

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Lucy is a character in a children’s book who, like many real life kids today, is scared and confused by the changes covid 19 has wrought. Most of all, she needs a little help to understand why it’s important to cover her nose and mouth when she goes outside. So her mom sews her a special mask and explains that, just like other masked superheroes, Lucy is doing important work to help the world..

Now there is a rule that is going to get changed, the one where Schwartz illegally threw the challenge flag. Okay, give the Lions a penalty, but to give the Texans a touchdown when it obviously wasn’t is all wrong. I’d be real ticked right now if I was a Lions fan.

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“I envision myself making the plays that he’s already made,” said Clinton Dix, who was named to the Pro Bowl in 2016 and has three interceptions this season. Swearinger, who also revered Taylor while watching Miami Hurricanes games as a kid in South Carolina. No Redskins player has worn Taylor’s No.